It’s with credit to the Catholic community here who took many positive and immediate steps to support and care for those who were, and are, suffering with this disease along with all the other socio-economic impacts prevalent. The Tapologo programme was created to assist the health services and to bring “Hope, Healing and Compassion to the most vulnerable in society” and this will only be possible with your support. If this initiative had not been developed, one might be much more pained to imagine the hundreds, if not thousands, of additional lives that would have been lost, or seriously affected by recurrent opportunistic infections, malnutrition, abject poverty, exclusion, stigmatisation, and the additional psychosocial impact of the collective burden of HIV in the communities they serve.

The effects of HIV and AIDS are felt in a number of ways:  increase of violence against women and sexual exploitation, the growing number of child-headed households with its accompanying exposure of children to abuse, neglect and violence, increasing mortality and morbidity amongst younger persons who should be economically active, increasing numbers of older persons becoming more and more impoverished by having to accept the role of primary caregiver without being able to access necessary and sufficient health care, treatment and support.

Tapologo has been serving a distressed community with essential and crucial life-giving services for a number of years. This is being done in excellent ways. Tapologo HIV/AIDS Programme is a mature and effective health provider and will therefore have the opportunity to strengthen the much-needed services in the community of Rustenburg. Your help is needed and in return you will receive the assurance that your support has contributed to services and has real impact in the community.