Tapologo acknowledges the importance of collaboration and partnerships in pursuing their objectives. The sustainability and success of their endeavours depend on an equal mix of available resources, the level of community participation and support from the governing body in their area. In South Africa, the Department of Health (DoH) is responsible for providing health care services.

Tapologo HIV/AIDS Programme works together with the DoH. They provide services in rural and informal areas which are not covered, or are partially covered by the DoH. Their services include: mobilising optimising resource usage, and task sharing, training, mentoring and supervising health workers, procuring and managing medicines, test kits and other medical supplies, maintaining the quality of HIV testing, treatment initiation, care and support and reducing stigma and discrimination in health care settings.

Tapologo engages a broad base of partners and donors within their confines.  They endeavour to have multiple donors to reduce the risks around dependency on a single donor and to engage multiple partner participation. Partnerships and collaboration, in terms of donors and Service Providers are vital to their ongoing success and sustainability.

Their success is highly attributed to on-going partnerships and their ability to raise funds with very lean resources.  Their present relationship with the DoH is a classic example of how health care partnering and collaborating has improved regional health care standards. Due to their well-established relationships they have been able to collectively improve patient care with limited resources over the years.